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Coffee Filters, Size 02, Disposable (Unbleached, 200)

Coffee Filters, Size 02, Disposable (Unbleached, 200)

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About this item [High Quality]: Our coffee filter is made from 100% biodegradable natural paper.  It has four advantages:  no log bleaching, no smell, no adhesive, no residue (important). Can reduce the damage to the original taste of coffee, health, and hygiene, when you use it will be more safe and secure.   [Excellent Taste]:  Fine paper, uniform thickness.  It removes most of the oil and coffee particles.  These oils will cause the coffee to be too bitter and maintain the original flavor of the coffee. [V-shaped Design] The conical design prolongs the time for water to flow through the coffee powder to the center, making the coffee taste more mellow after the water slowly penetrates.  It is easy to carry, very suitable for travel, home, office, restaurant, etc.   [Large Capacity]:  Based on a cup of coffee a day, 200 tablets are enough for more than half a year. Each coffee filter paper is designed with a small ear suitable for hand-held. Fits any 2-4 cup coffee maker. [Safety & Environmental Friendly]:  Clinuse disposable coffee filter paper is made of natural wood pulp, does not contain fluorescence and bleach, keeps healthy and environmentally friendly, and keeps coffee pure and mellow. 



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