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Coffee Filters Cone 01 (100 Ct) Unbleached Natural Brown

Coffee Filters Cone 01 (100 Ct) Unbleached Natural Brown

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About this item: PURE NATURAL:  Cone coffee filters are made of natural wood pulp, unbleached, chemical-free, adhesive-free, safe and healthy. MELLOW TASTE:  With a clear texture and uniform thickness, this filter paper can filter most oils, coffee particles, and foam to remove excess bitterness and preserve the purest taste. V-SHAPED DESIGN:  The conical inclination allows the coffee powder to converge to the bottom of the cone, which is conducive to diversion, forming pressure, and making the coffee extraction more fully and evenly. COFFEE FILTER 01:  The capacity is 1-2 cups, suitable for size 01 pour over cone coffee filters, conical-shaped filter cups, filter drippers, drip coffee maker, pour over brewers. ONE STEP CLEANING:  The extra hanging ear design is convenient for taking out; after use, it can be taken out directly with the coffee grounds for composting, without excessive cleaning.



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