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Butterfly Lily Co-Extraction Essential Oil

Butterfly Lily Co-Extraction Essential Oil

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Butterfly Lily is a unique co-extraction that creates a beautifully multifaceted lily-lilac floral aroma with green, herbaceous top notes.

This fascinating aroma is created by co-extracting the beautiful Hedychium flavescens flowers, with Cabreuva Nerolidol, a fractionation of Cabreuva wood.

What results is a uniquely sweet scent that is wonderful to help promote relaxation and sleep.

It is incredibly rich in (E)-Nerolidol, which is present in Jasmine, Ginger, and Neroli oils, but not nearly at such a high amount.

This constituent contributes to Butterfly Lily's distinct floral scent, considered to be at once floral, green, and woody with waxy-citrus notes and a hint of balsamic spice.

It acts as a lovely perfume in its own right or can be blended with other essential oils to add a compelling and sweet twist.

Try blending with citrus oils like Orange and Grapefruit to create a summery bouquet scent, or pair with other relaxing oils, such as Sandalwood or Ho Wood, for a deeply grounding and emotionally uplifting experience.



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