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Pet Potty Patio

Pet Potty Patio

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Don't get woken up unceremoniously to be walked by your dog late at night. The Pet Potty Patio checks all the boxes of style function and practicality. Cleaning up after your dog is no longer a chore with our ingenious design! Thoughtfully sized to fit all dogs (up to 132 pounds), this piece of furniture looks good for indoor and outdoor use.

NOT JUST ANOTHER PEE TRAY: Easy to train because it looks and feels like the real deal! The pee drains through the lush synthetic grass and is funneled into a collection bottle. The collection bottle has an extendable spout that allows for easy disposal of pee while containing foul odors.

FUSS FREE CLEANING: Use a spray bottle with water evenly on the turf at the end of the day and you're good to go! Slide the bottle out from under the tray when it is visibly full and empty where convenient. Optional:  Patio Deodorizing Powder that is 100% natural and neutralizes odors upon contact keeping the turf fresh.

ANTIMICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY:  We only use the highest quality turf for our pee trays. Miclean(R) antimicrobial technology is integrated during the manufacturing process and becomes part of the molecular structure of the blades of turf so it cant be washed off. The antimicrobial properties of the artificial turf prevents bacterial growth and odor causing bacteria. Our turf is ISO22196:2011 certified.

NO PEE PADS: A single dog will contribute to over one ton of landfill waste in the form of pee pads over its lifetime. On average, you will spend upwards of $2200 on pee pads over your dog's lifetime if you use two per day.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT:  Pet Patio is suitable for homes and high-rise apartments that do not have a yard.  Its portable design allows you to take it along for road trips too.


  • Dimensions : 31" (length) x 24" (wide) x 3.5" (high)
  • Color: Midnight Blue
  • Material: PP / Artificial Turf
  • Items Included: 2x Artificial Turf Pee Tray Collection Bottle, 1x sample of Deodorizing Patio Powder
  • California Prop 65 Certified



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