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Patio Odor Remover

Patio Odor Remover

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Patio Powder is the perfect accompaniment to the Pet Patio.
Pee odors are notoriously difficult to get rid off.  Trust us - we have tried everything from baking powder peroxide dish detergent. You name it we've done it. After months of testing we developed the perfect composite to ELIMINATE noxious pee odors. Unlike industrial cleaning chemicals Patio Powder is all NATURAL and completely SAFE to children and pets in fact its safe enough to EAT (not recommended).
  • Patio Powder instantly neutralizes odors on contact.
  • Works great on lawns, artificial turf kennels, patio, plants, dog runs, and concrete.
  • All natural odor destroying ingredients. Sprinkle on affected area and let the odors disappear!
  • 100% pet and child safe-100% natural-100% GUARANTEED to remove odors instantly!
  • Eliminates urine and fecal odor's. Safe non-toxic natural odorless and fast acting.



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