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Fluker's Basking Spotlight Bulbs for Reptiles.

Fluker's Basking Spotlight Bulbs for Reptiles.

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🚛 Fast Shipping! 📦 Brand new! 📌 Click BUY NOW to purchase item. 🔐Secure and verified payments via Facebook and PayPal. ⚡️Quick delivery! Repta-Sun Incandescent Lighting For Basking Animals. About this item: 75 Watt Basking Spotlight Bulb Directs heat and light toward a specific area for basking reptiles. Provides UVA rays that stimulate normal feeding behavior in reptiles. Provides heat for reptiles and amphibians through infrared light. Reptiles are ectothermic and depend on their environmental temperature to regulate their core body temperature. If a reptile is not provided an appropriate environmental temperature range ("ETR"), it may be predisposed to chronic infections. Because ETRs vary from species to species, ask your pet professional or review available literature for guidance in determining the appropriate ETR for your pet. 🌿 Thank you for shopping our small business! 🌿



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