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Dr. Doug's Eczema Relief Toolkit

Dr. Doug's Eczema Relief Toolkit

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The perfect bundle to help soothe and reverse Eczema.

100% organic and all-natural ingredients, detoxifying properties, and soothing relief from dry, itchy, and flaky skin. The products in this toolkit were chosen specifically to help treat symptoms and flare-ups of dermatitis. Here's a peek inside and how you might use each product:

  1. Clean skin morning and night. You'll use the charcoal soap to gently clean and detoxify the skin. With the charcoal soap included, you'll have the cleansing AND moisturizing soap you've always wanted.

  2. On cracked and wounded skin you'll apply our Clear Zinc Miracle Balm. Zinc helps with skin regeneration, maintaining skin integrity, and supports deep healing. The Clear Zinc Miracle Balm will come in a mini pocket size so you can have it with you when you need it most.

  3. On the dry, itchy, flaky skin, use our Original Miracle balm. Each bundle will include a big jar of the original for a healing and long-lasting moisturizer for your whole body. Apply each day to replenish and restore skin and for 24-hour moisture. This 8oz. jar is perfect to keep outside the shower/bath or next to your bed.

The Eczema Bundle is the easiest way to stay consistent with your skincare regimen.


Original Miracle Balm (Large Jar-8 oz.)

Miracle Balm + Zinc (Small Twist-0.35oz)

Charcoal Soap

Soap Saver (Free)




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