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Dr. Doug's Athlete Essentials Toolkit

Dr. Doug's Athlete Essentials Toolkit

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"You name it athletes, we've got you covered." - Dr. Doug

Dr. Doug originally designed his balms for athletes. His goal was to create a product that could prevent chafing, blisters, and also heal while on the go.

The Original Miracle Balm was the first product Doug created. Today, it is still the best to prevent blisters and chafing. He added essential oils that were anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and skin calming.

In the Recovery Balm, he added Arnica Montana, which acts as a natural painkiller and can help with bruising, swelling, and joint pain. He also added Magnesium Chloride which helps with muscle and nerve pain.

The added Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide in the Original Miracle Balm helps with healing and sealing open wounds as well as providing sun protection.

When to use:

  • Original Miracle Balm before workout to prevent chafing and blisters
  • Recovery Balm to help with post-workout muscle pain/soreness
  • Recovery Balm to prevent/help relieve bruising, swelling, and joint pain
  • Miracle Balm + Zinc to help heal open wounds and offer sun protection


How to Use:

Apply Miracle Balm to areas you tend to experience blisters and chafing. A little goes a long, so it shouldn't feel greasy when rubbed in. For joint pain, stiffness, and body aches, apply Recovery Balm all the way around, above and below the joint for best results.

Toolkit Includes:

  • Recovery Balm Large Twist-Up (2oz)
  • Original Miracle Balm Large Twist-Up (2oz)
  • Miracle Balm + Clear Zinc Small Twist-Up (0.35oz)




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