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Abacus Bird Toy

Abacus Bird Toy

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Toy provides many entertaining opportunities for your bird.

The different components of the toy such as the wooden beads, wooden discs, and natural fiber string provide different textures and surfaces for your feathered friend to spin, tug, pull, and chew on.

This toy is great for birds that love to preen.  Measures 15" x 4" x 20" and is best suited for large-sized birds such as amazons and cockatoos.


  • Chewing Bird Toy
  • Geometric charms
  • Bird-safe material
  • Designed for birds to explore, exercise, and chew on
  • Made with bird-safe plastic geometric shapes
  • Provides stimulation as birds instinctually seek to gnaw and chomp
  • Easily attaches to any cage
  • Quickly attaches to any cage



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